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AC Ceiling Panasonic CS-D50DTH5 (CU-D50DBP8) 6.0 HP

Non-Inverter Model Ceiling Type – Slim, Space-Saving Design with Wide Air Outlet


( Panasonic )
Price Per Unit (piece) :
Rp. 27 300 000


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Features :
3-Direction Pipe Lead-Out

The refrigerant piping can be lead out in one of three directions (right, rear-right and top-right), and the drain pipe direction can be selected from four directions.

Wide-Angle Airflow -- 100 Degrees Horizontal

You can adjust the horizontal direction of the airflow up to 100 degrees. This wide angel ensures corner-to-corner comfort even in large rooms.

Auto Swing Louver

The Auto Swing Louver sends air as low as 70-degree downward. This provides a uniformly comfortable temperature even in rooms with high ceilings.

Selectable Remote Controller (wired or wireless)

Customer needs to choose either wired or wireless remote controller.


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